The legal definition of housing disrepair/AS-IS is damage that needs to be put right (or updated).

For example, a broken sash window that won’t open or close properly or a toilet that won’t flush. There may be something in your property that’s not broken, but don’t work as well as it could or just plain outdated. (9 of 10 properties need repairs or updates to sell)

Every property has a range of value — not a price. Your property has a value range “disrepair/as is,” and it has a value range “as improved/upgraded” example of improvements (upgrades v/s updates)

             clean toilets and repainted vanities

                  Upgrades                               v/s                                     Updates                                 :
Installed within the last 0-9 months Installed 1yr ago or more (outdated/used)
New Carpet installed Carpet installed 3-6 months ago
Granite or quartz Kitchen tops  repaired or replaced kitchen counters
New Kitchen Cabinets repaired or painted kitchen Cabinets                                                    
New LED Fans & Lighting  Replaced fan (not matching)-Non LED
New Paint in and out  Try to match paint / or extreme colors
New toilets and vanities clean toilets and repainted vanities
Installed New Tile (matching/Plank)  Multiple color tiles or square outdated

An upgrade is an act of replacing your product with a newer and more superior version. Therefore, an update modifies your current product while an upgrade totally replaces it. When it comes to the frequency, upgrades happen a lot less often compared to updates.

Yes, upgrades will cost much more to do vs. updates and this would be the differentiating factor of the value range “Disrepair/as is,” and value range “as improved/upgraded”

On top of the cost, you would also include time, hassle, and unknown issues or repairs at the time of appraisal and inspection reports that come with the old way of selling, not to mention the biggest cost (real estate agent fees, seller contributions, closing cost, etc.)

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