Problem Tenants

So many different tenants and just when you think you have seen it all, you uncover another new way to get extra headaches! Here are ONLY our top 6 of so many combinations.

The Late or partial-paying payers

We’ll start with the most common problem – late or partial rent payments,

The best advice for dealing with late payers is to be firm; Otherwise, you’re inviting future trouble: five days late will be three weeks next time. Take action, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

The Wrecking balls

On the list, property damage comes right after late rent. Make interim inspections of the property during the lease period. If, for example, you have a strict no-smoking policy but the home smells like an ashtray, you’re going to have trouble renting or selling, and you need to take action immediately

The Hosts to all

Some renters will sublet part or all of the property, and now, in the age of Airbnb, some have been booking short-term vacation rentals on the sly. It’s a lot different having a parade of strangers occupying the property v/s having the people you screened and approved.

The Whinersvs

Some renters you hardly hear from. Others call constantly, making one unreasonable request after another: there’s not enough hot water; a door is sticking – and so on. There are calls even about minor things you’d expect them to simply handle themselves or the lease requires they do.

The Indulgent pet owners

A dog that loves to chew or cat that marks its territory with urine can do major damage and even make the property hard to rent or sell. Even if you do allow pets, you’ll want to make periodic checks on the property to ensure there’s no damage happening

The Lawbreakers

Count yourself lucky if you’ve never discovered a tenant abusing or selling narcotics, getting drunk on the front lawn or engaging in other such activities. If you do, eviction is the smart move.

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