What to keep in mind when selling a vacant property.

 If you are expecting a vacant property to be easier to sell than one occupied, well; you may be surprised to discover that an occupied home is often better for selling – unless the occupant makes it excessively difficult

We will discuss some of the pros and cons we have encountered over the 20 plus yrs.

Vacant properties feel vacant.

  • Part of the appeal of a home is its warmth and coziness. But when no one is living there, a home will tend to look hollow and empty.
  • Some buyers want to look at how furniture should be placed in a room.
  • Vacant homes tend to show far more of the blemishes, even simple things such as nicks and dents on floors and walls.

Vacant properties look abandoned and require maintenance

  • Landscaping, Lights, patches, re-Paint, water leaks, electrical issues, doors, roof, AC, clean up, piled up mail, flooring, and the list goes on and on…
  • HOA Fees, repairs, rules and regulations.

Vacant properties attract crime.

  • Vacant homes are appealing to vandals and criminals.
  • Your vacant home may be vandalized, broken into, or even become the site of a squatter camp.
  • One word: Copper! With an unoccupied home, criminals will look to remove all of the plumbing pipes.

Vacant properties might require special insurance.

  • There are many insurance companies that do not treat occupied homes and vacant homes in the same fashion. More often than not, a vacant home will be far more expensive to insure.

Vacant properties can’t handle emergencies.

  • You are not aware of things going wrong –water pipe bursts, electrical issues or fire, broken in or vandalism, broken trees etc.
  • Nobody wants to come home to discover a major catastrophe has occurred!

But we do have one, and most important pro of selling a property vacant.

You make ALL the realtors job so MUCH easier. They just take a couple of pictures put a lock box and, no need to schedule a time to show. The agent can just head over and use the lock box to access the home whenever it needs to be shown. Then everyone makes a good commission (Typically 6% $$$)

Forget all the worries, stress, and headaches of selling a vacant property, Give us a call today @ 480.332.2270 and together we will find the Best Solution for you.